A couple of thoughts on how has technology improved our lives nowadays

A reality where you could not get an app to compute the most reliable public transport journey seems unrealistic and outdated, but it was genuinely not long ago that this tech was implemented.

There are a lot of examples of how technology has changed our lives in a good way, and one among the elements they have actually in common is practicality and ease of access. An amazing instance to give some thought to is the industry of personal banking: with so many physical branches having opening times that coincide with most people’s working hours, the inclusion of digital banking is exceptionally insightful for those who cannot go to the bank in person, as supported by figures like the activist shareholder of Bank of East Asia. The great financial institutions definitely appreciate the security and feedback of their customers, and because of innovation such as artificial intelligence and biometric identification reasons, they can ensure their data is easily available by them but safe from third parties. Moreover, being in a position to retrieve bank statements online means that no paper is utilised, which is another one among the many positive effects of technology on environment.

Maybe the most obvious case of how technology has changed our lives for the better is related to interaction. In the last ten years or two, as the internet has come to be the primary platform for communication, it is a lot of easier to be in touch with somebody who lives across the planet without incurring in expensive additional charges, something the funding investors of Telegram actually have absolutely appreciated. Whether it be to connect families who live all around the globe, or for international firm purposes, digital interaction absolutely demonstrates part of the most obvious effects of technology on our lives; additionally, as connections get stronger and much more reliable, it will soon not simply be about synchronised video calls, but there will be a lot of other chances unlocked, from having the ability to link to all your electronic devices, to performing surgical operations remotely.

A thing that portrays the importance of technology in our daily lives is the development of urban transport: many brand new innovations have actually been implemented and slowly making our lives easier. Numerous mobile apps, for example, can assist you plan a journey using public transport in the most time-efficient way, without having to consult multiple bus timetables and pricing lists; the rise of ride-sharing solutions is likewise rendered a lot easier to access as a result of their online platforms. Traffic management has enhanced an awful lot with the use of smart grids, but brand new advancements are only around the corner, with figures like the parent firm of Auro Robotics producing buses that would potentially not require a driver. With all these brand-new developments being incorporated in our lives, we can know how there are so many answers to the question of how has technology changed the world we live in.

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